Thursday, 18 June 2009

And so it begins..

Welcome to my summer blog! I've now finished all my eighteen exams, a very good feeling, I'm sure many of you will also feel, and I now have eleven or so glorious weeks of nothingness at my disposal. Because I'm already fidgiting at the prospect of becoming lazy, I have started a list of things I wish to accomplish and or do over this summer :)

This blog will most probably manifest itself by turning into a lethargic diary of ramblings, but please bear with me!

So, a few things about me? My name is Grace Pengelly, I am a sixteen year old human rights enthusiast, clothes hag, methodist ministers daughter, sci-fi movie buff, thinker, girlfriend, Barista, reader and coffee drinker. Oh, and I have a little addiction to Post Secret. (

List soon to follow!

Let me introduce you to Kina Grannis, she truely is nourishment for the soul......


  1. Who doesn't have an addiction to post secret?!